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The Dakota Indian Foundation was founded in 1971. It was conceived and developed by a number interested individuals. The Foundation was established based on a concern for the plight of South Dakota’s tribes

The Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of 4 full-time professional staff and a nine-member Board of Directors. The Board is a majority of enrolled tribal members who meet on a monthly basis to review grant proposals and scholarship applications. 


Grants to Organizations

Through the generosity of donors, the Foundation is able to support activities directly related to the social enhancement and cultural preservation of Dakota people. Awards are based on the availability of funds which are raised through direct mail appeals, voluntary contributions, testamentary bequests, and interest on investments.


The Foundation does not fund political campaigns, lobbying, existing government programs or services. Nor will it fund religious organization related fundraisers or benefits.


Academic Scholarships

At the heart of Dakota Indian Foundation is the belief that education is essential to making life better for future generations. Each semester, approximately 100 students receive a scholarship to support their collegiate studies. Students must be enrolled in a South Dakota tribe, have attended a college or university on a full-time basis, and carry a minimum grade point average.

Dakota Indian Foundation is an independent 501(3c) non-profit corporation. The Foundation provides funding for social enhancement and cultural preservation of Indigenous Dakota culture, customs and language.

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