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6 inch 3-D Dream Catcher created by Scott Dupris.

Dreamcatchers and the Lakota Legend of Iktomi (the Great Teacher): 

A tribal leader climbed on top of a mountain where he had a vision from Iktomi, who appeared to him as a spider. Iktomi told the elder about the cycle of human life and how people can make choices that impact their life and the world around them. The spider wove a web around a circle of willow to show the cycles of life that a person goes through from birth to death. At the end of the vision, Iktomi gave the elder the hoop and explained how it can be used to catch and hold bad dreams, preventing them from tormenting the person. It allowed the good dreams to escape through the hole in the center so they could be sent to influence the owner’s life.

6 inch 3-D Dream Catcher

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